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Watch: Black family stands up to racist couple at San Antonio restaurant

From the article: “The teen has a point. Her courage to confront the ugliness of racism, with a camera in hand, reveals just how rampant bigotry and anti-blackness is in America society. Within the five minutes of vulgar obscenities and racist remarks shouted at the black family, no one intervened. No one got up from the seats. No one told the white family to refrain from using the word n*gger. No one defended the black family. No one said it was enough.

It’s 2016, and a black family in one of the many diverse cities in Texas can’t even sit down and enjoy a meal in peace without being called anti-black slurs.”

This was a 15-year-old girl, and she’s right. This is NOT rare. This irrational hate permeates far too much of society and police forces around America. The only difference between Facebook racists and these white “people” is they were so full of hatred that they didn’t feel the need to hide their racism behind a keyboard.

Also, yes: “All lives matter” is exactly what racists say.

Does anyone know their names?

This country is everything it tells every other country it hates.

And that’s the textbook definition of transference. A staple ingredient of racism. Racial projection is often used to justify imperialism & neoliberalism.

tf.. like we said “yes, white man take me and my people to a far land I’ve never seen.” I’m sure life in some parts are Africa are far better foe our hated ass than here with these pricks.