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Why Hikaru Sulu being gay is so important:

Star Trek is a huge cinematic franchise. It is huge. It has thousands of fans of all different ages. This is a huge, huge step for diversity in wide spread cinema.

– The writers says Sulu will have a husband and a daughter. Not only will he be happy, he will have a family, he will have a KID. Considering how bleak LGBT representation has been this year alone, having a happy little girl with two Daddys is incredible.

– Science fiction does not tend to be an area where we have LGBT representation. 

– Sulu is a main character. He has been an important part of the series and is a major badass.

– John Cho is Korean- American, so not only are we having LGBT representation but POC – LGBT representation! 

– Star Trek have announced Sulu’s sexuality before the film is even out. So therefore giving a big fuck you to any homophobes who now won’t go see the film. Zero fucks given.

– And best of all: the original actor who played Sulu came out in 2005 as a gay man – Sulu being gay is paying respect to real life events. How cool is that?