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Taron Egerton & Pedro Pascal on the Kingsman sequel set

Pedro Pascal in a sleeveless turtleneck with skinny jeans and a copstache is the most compelling argument anyone has made for me to see this.

Omg look at this little Welsh twink. Look at this sassy little Welsh twink next to the magnificent Pascal in a glorious pornstache. Look at their skintight turtlenecks with the sleeves ripped off.

Is Kingsman 2 just their cover? Are Taron Egerton and Pedro Pascal really just making a porno? Is Colin Firth going to appear in the middle of this porno with a perfectly cut breakaway suit? It’s going to get so many hits on, guys. It’s gonna get a 10000000% rating. There will be chafing throughout the land when this comes out. 

I’m not even in this fandom and I only saw the image from the waist up and have no ability to recognize either of these people, so I legit saw this and thought it was a photo from a Pride parade circa 1978.