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At this point I suspect Brexit simply isn’t going to happen. The chickens have come home to roost and have shat horrible economic and regulatory revelations on the heads of all the prime Brexiteers, who stepped up bravely to the challenge of steering the country through the rapids they pointed us towards by, to a person, jumping overboard. No-one left with any reasonable expectation of political power wants it to happen, a significant number of chumpy leave voters don’t want it to happen, and the EU doesn’t want it to happen, and so basically we’ll have ratcheted up the violence against people of colour, immigrants, and Muslims, given the economy a kick in the proverbials it’ll take an age to recover from, and proven without a doubt to the entire electorate that their vote doesn’t matter – we showed stay voters that their votes can be entirely obviated by incredibly obvious lies and we’re going to show leave voters that their votes have been ignored – for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHAT SO FUCKING EVER.