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Why do people never want to tell you their middle name like who gives a shit its not a nuclear launch code its your damn name

reblog with your middle name in the tags

Actually, the practice dates back to the reason we have middle names in the first place!

Some time around the dark ages, everyone believed in witchcraft and wizardry, like ya do. A big principle of magic was the idea of “true names.” If a spellcaster knew your full name, they could do whatever the hell they wanted to you. Of course, people didn’t want that, but there were enough people with the same first names that you had to give people your surname as well, to avoid confusion.

The solution? A secret name in the middle that you don’t tell anyone (unless you believe that they’re not able to do magic and/or you trust them enough that if they DID do magic, you’d be fine).

Also like I remember back before I changed my name when I came out… My middle name was Hamilton and it was super embarrassing! Like a I feel like there’s a good chunk of people with lame middle names and just don’t want to be teased

Fortunately my mum worked out a solution to this. No one can pronounce it, so even if they find out the spelling their spells will be weakened by mispronunciation….