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In other news, water is wet

Let the children be themselves

no fucking shit

‘trans kids feel better if they can be themselves’

‘dogs feel good when you don’t hit them’

‘you don’t feel hungry if you eat’

People are making fun but we all know a horrifying number of parents actually do need to be told this and seeing it for probably the first time in their entire lives in an ordinary news outlet can get them thinking.

Considering how many people ONLY believe something once a scientific study demonstrates it, no matter how self-evident or common-sense it may seem, yes, someone did need to do this research and publish it.

Every time a study like this comes out people have this attitude like it’s a bunch of clueless, stuffy old scientists wastefully demonstrating something everyone “already knew” but the truth is studies like these are by people who passionately want to make the world better by systematically debunking common foundations of prejudice.

A lot of parents refuse to accept their children are trans because they think, ‘statistics show trans people are completely miserable, I can’t let my kid be trans!’, not realizing their kid is trans whether they ‘let’ them or not, and that it’s a lack of acceptance that’s the problem, not being trans itself. So, yes, studies like this very much matter, even though it should be common sense.