The REAL Civil War Is Inside Marvel Studios

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The REAL Civil War Is Inside Marvel Studios









seems adamant not to change with the times. Coming under fire for a
lack of diversity, the treatment of female characters, the failure to
deliver films that push the boundaries, The Powers That Be at Marvel
have done the minimal to try and placate fans. But it’s not good enough,
and people are really starting to notice.

Finally an article discussing the true face of Marvel Studios and their executive decisions. No fan pleasing platitudes here, just a pull of the curtain to face some hard truths: They need to do better.

I hate to be that person to comment unnecessarily on a post, but please actually read this article. It absolutely NAILS Marvel and it’s about high time. Please read it, it is infinitely more than worth the time it takes (which is already about two minutes so…)

Everyone needs to read this now.

Wow. Somebody hit the nail on the head. Well said.


“And if you have any doubts by this point it’s actually the Big Boys at
Marvel who are unlikely to support diversity just know that their CEO
recently gave 1 Million to Trump’s campaign for the White House
. Yeah…
that’s where our movie ticket money went.”
(my emphasis)

Seriously: read this article.

but a romantic, gay relationship between Peggy and her friend Angie was something Marvel recoiled from; Angie was removed, new male love interests were introduced, the plot suffered, fan interest plummeted, and the show went under.

Someone was paying attention to what happened with Agent Carter

There are two different conflicts described here, and one of them, I actually support Marvel corporate on. The unified setting and overlapping story arcs are something Marvel pioneered in Comics, and I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable that they want their Movies to tie into each other in the same way.

The other conflict, on the other hand, my opinion is basically “fuck Marvel”. Star Trek had better Main Cast Diversity 50 years ago than they’re managing today. Learn to expand your market beyond cishet white dudes, guys. There are a lot more people outside that category than in it.