Flag Ceremony today, Olympia

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Governor Inslee will be raising the Gay Pride flag and then lowering it to half-staff on Wednesday (today) at the Flag Circle on the Capitol Campus at 3:15 p.m.

(I’m at work, but thought other people might like to know and attend)

(I am planning to be down at pride on Sunday, with my emergency face paint kit in case anyone needs a rainbow)

I shall be at the Capitol Campus along with my wife :)

And…hopefully I’ll make it to Pride*

Sadly not in it… though

* Assuming the night shifts don’t make my nearly gone lurgee reassert its power over me and make me spend another week lying on the couch.

I hope it doesn’t rain on you today, and the cold stays away! No more illness for you.

‘tis the joy of working in a hospital in a new country. My body goes …

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