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All found on Twitter, with minimal searching, 48 hours after the Brexit referendum. 

“Oh but it wasn’t about racism and xenophobia!” 

“It was about sovereignty!” 

I am an Eastern European woman, with relatives living in the UK as economic migrants. I am going to make this painfully clear: 


I do not care if you tell yourselves it was about sovereignty or about ‘unreachable elites’ or about legislation. The simple truth is that through your vote, you’re legitimized the festering hatred of fucking fascists in your goddamn country and given them cause to think that they and their repugnant ideology are now free to come into the light. 

Through your vote, you’ve aligned yourself with the part of British society that wanted out of the EU specifically to stop people like me from coming there and having hassle-free access to your job-market. 

Through your vote you’ve endangered the safety of both EU nationals and refugees living and working in Britain. My youngest niece was born just days ago in Glasgow and my happiness at a new family member has been tainted by worries for the safety or everyone I love and worries for her future in the UK. 

Through your vote you’ve also endangered the safety of your own fucking people – because do you think anyone who isn’t White British and England-born is going to come out unscathed, when the far-right comes out to play? The people up there, who voted the same as you did, make it clear that their hatred also extends to Scots and anyone who spits on the ‘little Englander’ mentality.  

Through your vote, you may have endangered the entire European project, that gave people like me the possibility to force our countries to adopt inclusive non-discrimination legislation and to live and work all over the continent and in so doing, build better lives for both ourselves and our loved ones. 

Through your vote, you’ve proven that you don’t give a shit about anyone but your own selves and you’re ready to throw everyone else right under the bus. Because happiness and safety and economic well-being should only be for your precious selves, shouldn’t they? 

May God or your divinity of choice forgive you, because one day you might have blood on your hands. 

They had blood on their hands before even the referendum day, remember.