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To be honest, as an American, I don’t completely grasp all the complexities or to what extent the consequences could be for the UK, as I only have a very basic understanding of the EU’s purposes, but the Leave sounds like horseshit to me


thing is, the referendum was largely decided on whether or not people believed the lies about immigration and refugees and it turns out, yes, the majority of english people are in fact racist fuckbuckets who’ll believe anything you tell them as long as it scapegoats foreign people

so like, people who voted to remain are a) aghast at the sheer amount of work that’s going to be required to extricate our legal and financial systems from the EU, b) probably also having a lot of other feelings but primarily c) distressed, depressed, and angry at the violent racism our country just endorsed

we’ve already seen a huge upswing in racist and xenophobic attacks

no justification for Leave, not that one particularly exists, is enough for what the whole process is going to do to people of colour in this country, polish people, and anyone who looks enough like them to a violent racist

even if we somehow manage to reverse the exit course and stay in the eu, the far right has been massively emboldened. we’ve only seen the start of the violence to come.

and all this is happening because the prime minister – who just resigned, btw – was worried about not getting in at the last election and promised this referendum so that racists would vote for his party

I am so deeply ashamed of England at the moment.

It’s so fucking awful I can’t even.