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OK, so here is how to get individual girl hair for your LEGOs.

On, at the bottom of the page, under “customer service” go to “Replacement Parts”. Then you can pick “Buy bricks”. That gives you the screen above.

In “design element number” put a part number of a girl hairdo. Tahdah! Finding the part numbers was really a slog, so I’m sharing them for anyone else who’s kid is using the two girl hairs she has on every single minifig. (Also each hair piece is less than $1US. Much cheaper than Amazon.)

If you have any additional girl hair part numbers, feel free to add them on.


















Kaboom is going to be at excited.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Now ALL your Lego kits can be “Lego Kits for Girls.” 

(If you have the patience, you should be able to find them, as well as more unusual/limited edition hair pieces, on BrickLink–a huge second-hand Lego piece marketplace–for lower prices, too.)