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Look.  I hate to say it, but…

If you want to gauge how bad xenophobia and nationalism are,watch antisemitism.  We’ve always been the canaries in this particular coal mine.

In England, particularly, antisemitic attacks increased by 60% last year.  And that’s in London.  People who bet that Labour would stop this…look at the crisis they’ve been having, and Corbyn’s been making worse rather than helping.

This sucks, especially for the people in Scotland and Northern Ireland, who don’t want to go, and the people of London who also voted to remain (as well as a couple of other cities)…but, to me at least, it’s not the big surprise that it is to everyone else.  For the same reasons that I worry about Trump or LePen, and many other right wing, xenophobic, demagogues.  If you want to know how strong they are, look at how bad things are for Jews, and particularly if they’re getting worse or better.