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what people think is the cause of there being more disabled and chronically ill adults than 100 years ago:

– electromagnetism (guess what your body runs on)
– Chemicals™ in food and the environment (matter is made of chemicals. water is a chemical. your body is chemicals.)
– “chronic low level poisoning” (which is not a thing because anything is a poison at a high enough dose. the poison is in the dose, not in the substance.)
– Big Pharma™ intentionally making people sick (or other conspiracy theory)

the actual reason:

– modern medicine making it so that more disabled and chronically ill people are surviving to adulthood
– this is a good thing!! it is really good to not die in childhood!! accommodate disabled people instead of seeing us as evidence of problems!!

Case in point: My younger brother would not have survived past infancy if he’d been born just a few years earlier. When he turned 18, he discovered that there were no – none, zero, zip – adult cardiologists with a solid understanding of congenital disorders. Because those kids never survived to adulthood.

There is one now, by the by, in Seattle. If anyone needs to know I can get her name. As far as I’m aware she was the first non-pediatric cardiologist in the country to specialize in congenital heart problems.