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Meet Physics Girl, a heroine to science communication

“So much of what I wanted to do [as a child] was dictated by what I saw on the media,” Cowern said. “I wanted to be a figure skater, I wanted to be a model, or an actress, but I never saw female scientists. I think that would have affected what I was interested in doing, what I thought women could do.”

Cowern said she was heartened by the fact that she is one of many female faces and voices on YouTube that are sharing their love for science—despite the challenges of being a woman on the Internet.

“I’ve had a lot of issues as a woman in a male-dominated field—feeling like I have to prove myself or feeling inadequate,” Cowern said. “But for the most part, I get support. I get emails from dads that are like, ‘My daughter hated physics or was feeling pressured to lose interest in science, but she saw your channel and now she wants to be a physicist.’ That makes all of this worth it.”