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I love how the INTERPOL pretzel cart is actually really good pretzels.

Does INTERPOL just have such a huge pretzel cart disguise budget that they get the highest quality of pretzels available? Did they specifically select the agent with the greatest proficiency for making pretzels?

Or maybe they put an agent on pretzel cart surveillance duty years ago, and he thought of it as just another undercover job, making his shitty pretzels and reporting back to his masters, but then something he never expected happened. He started to care about the pretzels he was making and selling. He got in too deep. The espionage was suddenly secondary to his true calling: making the best damn pretzels he could and selling them to hungry people near the area of interest.

It’s the INTERPOL version of Eliot.

Dude, Eliot probably knows him. (Those pretzels are very distinctive!) They hang out sometimes, swap recipes, bitch about yeast not cooperating when you really need it to, and compare knife blades. Eliot brings him a thermos of tea when he’s stuck working in inclement weather and in return, he makes sure to sneak vitamin powder into the pretzels he sells to Hardison because they both know how few vegetables Hardison ever eats.

I feel like Sterling drives a major policy change stating that if a food vendor is used as cover to case a place Eliot Spencer is known to frequent, it has to be quality food

after like six seperate instances of Eliot taking a bite, staring right into the hidden camera, and saying “seriously, Sterling?”

#this is what happens in a fandom with little new material#we get excited about pretzel trucks (via aegialia)

What if it was a random pretzel guy, and then INTERPOL was like, “Hey. We’d like to borrow your pretzel truck.”

And the pretzel guy was like, “You’ll have my pretzel truck over my dead body. I have a reputation for being the best pretzels in town!”

And INTERPOL was like, “Okay, either we train this guy to be an agent, or we get our agent pretzel training.”

And that’s how Agent Schmidt learned to make the best goddamn pretzels ever.