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Watch: Hilarious Party Over Here sketch gets at the dark truth behind “mansplaining.”

The “dark truth” behind mansplaining: it’s total bullshit. Most of the time these kind of things aren’t what “mansplaining” is. More than half the time “mansplaining” is just a male person saying something to the contrary. That’s it; that’s mansplaining. When it’s not a means to shit on men for the actions of a few (much to the dismay of the last comment in the gifset), it’s an out on having to answer for some kind of wrongdoing. Especially when it comes to pseudo-scientific buzz topics.

But, you know, as a male myself I expect that some woman or feminist will drop by and either preach at me the ways that they think this action is justified or try to dismiss my point with some kind of “sassy” remark.

So, please, femsplain it to me. ;B

–Mod Griaule


THIS comment on THIS gif set…well, you can’t write this stuff.

to the dude that just mansplained what mansplaining is 

how do you fuck up this badly