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flour based gravy skeeves me out. I was obsessed with it for years because it was an american thing my mom never made but now that I’m old enough to cook I can’t justify eating it



A lot of folks don’t like flour based gravies. They can be weird and if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can be very bad. At least they bother making some kind of roux at the market and don’t go the ‘fast food’ route where they just add water to a mystery powder and heat it up. >.<

You should ask @tepuitrouble for his onion gravy recipe sometime. It’s a good gravy by itself if reduced enough, but it’s also a great base for other dishes. <3

I love flour-based gravies, but A) the roux is vital and B) I really don’t think they hit their best until you add some wine. (not a schnockered amount of wine, but a decent glug).

…in fact, as someone who grew up pampered by having parents who both loved to cook, it was a deep and painful shock to me to go to college and taste gravy that had not been made with wine. I complained to my mother. She illegally mailed me wine to cook with because I was under-age. Shhh.

Now, I do use the same basic ideas with other thickeners now, because both my folks were diagnosed celiac within the last three years. But nothin’ beats flour+butter roux + meat drippings + wine. Mmmmmm.