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This is not democracy. Officials don’t care about people’s opinion. But we won’t give up!

It’s significant to note that they included the superdelegate count in the published results from the get-go, giving Clinton the appearance of being much more popular than Sanders and making it look like it was impossible for him to come back from it despite there being, at that point, only a few primaries having occurred.

It’s also significant to note that several newspapers have reported Clinton wins and found something else to say about states where Sanders won, even when he won two states to her one.

It’s also significant to note that CNN aired a video of Donald Trump’s empty podium while Bernie Sanders was giving a speech elsewhere.

They are fucking tricksy bastards. Let’s overcome that.

The superdelegates swearing they’ll vote Clinton is pretty worrying, however it’s pretty likely that if Sanders continues to win the States voting in the weeks to come (as polls suggest he very likely could) then those superdelegates will likely switch to voting for him because of the polls pairing Sanders or Clinton against trump. This article explains it way better than I can though.

The point is, don’t give up hope. Your vote still counts and still matters, so make sure you’re continuing to support Sanders by spreading the word, and most importantly, by voting.