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“I’m gonna build A GIANT WALL on the border between Mexico and America, this will of course be insurmountable, i am a genius,” says Donald Trump, a man who besides being an asshole is apparently unaware of the fact that tunnels exist

may I mention again that THERE IS ALREADY A WALL also we aren’t allowed to take pictures of it like what kind of iron curtain bullshit is this

#holy shit that’s creepy #I had no idea #I mean #I knew there was a wall in sections #but no taking pictures?

I mean, I assume you could take long-distance photos, but the border crossing I’ve been through and the wall near it are all posted about with NO PHOTOS, WE WILL CONFISCATE YOUR CAMERA OR PHONE signs. I figure it’s officially for ~security~ and preventing people from making Attacks (there are also darkly hilarious amounts of like U-turns and concrete barriers to snake through on your way through the border crossing, especially in the Mexico-to-US direction), but it… really just gives me that Iron Curtain vibe. I haven’t been to Canada since before 9/11, is that… normal now? what are the Canada border crossings like?

(to paraphrase that jedistormpilot post, what is the normal amount of barbed wire to have at an international border? ;P)

I can’t remember about specific signs at the Peace Arch crossing in Blaine, which is the big one here, but if you go to the one straight up Guide-Meridian from Bellingham the crossing is like, a normal road with a little shack next to it.

Before 9/11, we once hit the Blaine crossing heading into Canada at 4 am. All the booths were closed and there was a line of traffic cones guiding cars over next to the office. We slowed down – didn’t even come to  a stop – and a hand stuck out the door, gave us a thumbs-up sign, and waved us through.

…which is honestly how all border crossings should be. :)