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Health care isn’t a human right, thank you for your time.

yeah smittyv288 you tell em! who do those dumbass disabled lower-class people think they are? you want your AIDS medication refilled but can’t afford basic health coverage? yeah, well, how about you stop having AIDS. health care isn’t a human right, you know. and your friend over there with cancer, tell that motherfucker he needs to quit complaining about his “immune deficiencies” and whining about how he “needs chemotherapy or he’ll die in two months”. if he’s so “terminally ill” and “unable to work” why doesn’t he just get a fucking job like the rest of us and pay for these incredibly expensive lifesaving treatments himself? people like him need to understand that they just don’t deserve to live.

This was totally covered in that one parable about the Samaritan Who Kicked The Guy In The Ditch And Told Him To Get A Job Already.