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So my amazing gal pal @luiza2theletter surprised me with an incredible Silas Handbook in its printed version (and handsewn by herself, must I say)

For the past year we’ve been talking about many things including carmilla and its whole universe around the series. One day, casually talking to each other she told me about her idea of a personal project involving a handbook about Silas (one of JP’s belongings and a necessary iten for a student at Silas)

She created all the textual part and the design herself, and I helped her proofread it all.

As you can see, it looks like a book from the 19th century with its yellowed pages and stains from unknown substances. Besides, there are mystical symbols and deets that probably summon a demon or two.

All in all @carmillaseries is a great series that not only brought such a wonderful world with amazing people behind that but also brought people together. People that if it wasn’t for the show would have never met their friends and/or significant others. 

p.s: to my surprise I didn’t know she was going to give me the 1st printed version of it. at all. and she gave it to me right as I was leaving, after we’d spent the weekend together

holy shiza! This is incredible, @luiza2theletter