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when dr. strange flops:

Why do y’all want dr strange to flop? What I miss?

it’s racist! more at 11

Hold up, how??? I really need to know because I want to go see this movie but I’m not spending my money to go see it if it’s racist. Can someone explain?

1) b*nedict c*mberbatch

2) it’s a story heavily influenced by asian culture and there ain’t a damn asian in this shitshow but they are being used as part of the backdrop

3) the costumes are racist, like shyamalan’s the last airbender level racist

4) an explicitly tibetan character being played by a white english actress

For @ztrek808

These help sum up some of Marvel’s overall problems with Asian characters and help outline how Dr. Strange contributes to racist stereotypes about East Asian peoples, cultural appropriation, and whitewashing. So far, in MCU the only decent Asian representation is on Agents of SHIELD where Daisy Johnson (a major character in the comics) isn’t acknowledged in the larger universe. Other than her and Melinda, Marvel’s Asian representation is truly reprehensible. 

Do not pay money to see this. Do not.

in honor of the shitterific trailer being released today, let’s bring back the receipts :)