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Benedict Cumberbatch has publicly stated that he thinks people viewing protagonists in media like Sherlock Holmes as autistic is ‘dangerous’ & ‘lazy’ because it ‘offers false hope’ that autistic people could be ‘brilliant’ or heroic…

so yeah i’m gonna give a pass on his superhero movie, because he doesn’t think people like me deserve heroes, or that we could ever be them.

Hey, how about we add a source (X).

/throwing in quotes from the source above/

‘Many are drawing parallels between Turing and Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes, suggesting he’s specializing in characters who exist somewhere on the autism spectrum. But Cumberbatch wants them to cut out that nonsense.

’“Though Sherlock is an immediate comparison, they’re so different. Sherlock is a sociopathic show-off, and Alan was anything but that,” Cumberbatch tells Metro. “I don’t think he was on the spectrum. I think a lot of people are very lazy with that.”

‘It’s a suggestion Cumberbatch has heard raised again and again, and he’s frankly had enough of it. “I think it’s a really dangerous thing to toy with that,” he says. “People talk about me doing that quite a lot and that being a good thing for people who are on the spectrum, which is great. But I don’t go into a job going, ‘Is this autism? Is this Asperger’s? Is this some other form of slight learning difficulty or disability?’ I’m very wary of that, because I’ve met people with those conditions. It’s a real struggle all the time. Then these people pop up in my work and they’re sort of brilliant, and they on some levels almost offer false hope for the people who are going through the reality of it.”’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fuck Benedict Cumbatch

So.  Add “excruciatingly ableist” to Bandersnatch’s list of bullshit along with “casually racist, unabashedly classist, generally petulant, and monumentally overrated.”  And people wonder why I don’t even wanna look at him.

Don’t forget he defended the straightwashing in the Turing movie, too. :P