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How I got most of the plants at my house: People gave me plants.

There was a member of my garden club who needed help dividing all of her plants. I live in Olympia and she lives in Spanaway.  She didn’t want all of her plants to go into the compost, so she said anyone who could come help dig things out could keep whatever they wanted.

This is less than a quarter of my haul. I carpooled with another member who lived in Lewis County.  She had a truck. We filled that truck up TWICE.

Here we are, dividing day lilies

The gardener even flagged road workers down and asked if they wanted plants. Luckily, the workers were fellow plant nerds and took plants with them!

She encouraged them to take more after their shift was over.

I get my plants through fun plant adventures! Garden clubs are a great way to connect with new folks, help each other out, and sometimes get new plants!

Oooh! Those day lilies are beautiful. Your patch doesn’t happen to be due for dividing again, does it…? ;)

(Also, yay plant nerd construction workers! And plant sharing/gifting.)

That is superb…and makes me miss having a garden. Gaaah.