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yesterday on my break, I had a chat with two other female coworkers about creepy things men have done to us at work that made us feel physically afraid.

I highly doubt guys ever sit around and have these conversations:

“Last week there was this girl at the counter, she’s twice my age, and she’s asking for my phone number, asking what time I got off work, telling me I’m handsome, keeps trying to touch my hands, and she wouldn’t leave until I called over a manager, oh my god it was so creepy, like is this girl going to be waiting outside when I’m done work?”

“OMG last year there was this girl doing the exact same thing to me, but she ACTUALLY DID GO SIT IN HER CAR AND WAIT THERE till I was on my break and SHE WAS WAITING OUTSIDE FOR ME. She sat there in her car for TWO HOURS to see if I came out.”

Seriously guys, have you ever had this chat with one of your male coworkers? No? You know what? Every single girl has a story like this. Ask them. Ask them to tell you a story about how a guy made them afraid at work. I GUARANTEE YOU, every single one of them will have one. If not them personally, they will have a story about a time when a friend phoned them in tears or a time when they had to go pick up a sister or something. Something. Ask your male coworkers to tell you a story about a girl making them feel unsafe at work. Ask them. See how many stories you get.

Guys, you seriously have no idea what it’s like to be a woman. You say “it can’t be THAT bad!” despite the fact that we are telling you, over and over and over, YES! It CAN be that bad!

Would you please just listen to us?