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so. they made a new german discowrld essentials edition, with a new covers (which is good because the old ones are real bad)

and they are these manga-like ‘build a picture’ style, which i like

but. oh my god. look at that vimes

this isn’t samuel ‘worked the night-shift for 30 years, runs on coffee and spit, has probably not slept more than 3hours any given day’ vimes

this is the guy who played vimes in murder-mystery play, ‘inspired by real events’. hammy acting, horrible script, ‘Clues’ everywhere, heroic fightscenes, big speaches. Vimes threadened to shut the whole thing down for slander.  Sybil probably got an autograph

I’ve been staring at this post for 15 minutes and I can’t stop laughing omg omg I’m seeing stars oh no.

Sybil invited the damn company to the house for their afterparty and you know it.

the actor earnestly explains at one point the fitness routine he undertook to ‘get in character’ for the part of the ‘heroic commander’ while pointing at various melon-sized muscle groups. vimes himself is sitting there shoveling something that’s 98% grease by volume into his face and also staring balefully. he’s never done a pushup in his life. he wouldn’t know a fucking pushup if it spat on him in the street. sybil is doing her absolute best not to laugh and her best is nowhere good enough. the actor, encouraged by the (presumably) admiring male stares and flirtatious female giggles, goes on to describe his hair-care regimen.

oh my god. It was an opera, wasn’t it. It was an opera in the opera house and Samuel’s Aria brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Most of them from hastily bitten laugher

@copperbadge this is relevant to your interests.

Also, GNU Terry Pratchett.

I love everything about this post :D