If you’re voting for Bernie Sanders

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please remember:

not many are aware, but a president is extremely, extremely, extremelyyyy limited without a supporting senate and congress.

for example, if the majority of the party is republican, as it is with Obama, most of the bills and “promises” brought up will be vetoed and denied by the congress without us knowing, thus resulting in us blaming the president when in reality, the president needs OUR help even after being selected.

voting does NOT stop after the presidential election. the president of your choice winning does NOT mean the fight is over.

if you support and want all the things Bernie Sanders is in favor of, and want to see change, please vote for a senate and congress that will support and pass these ideas as well.

so if you’re “feeling the Bern”, don’t be upset if you dont get free college tuition. so please, please, please, PLEASE… vote for a respectful, progressive, open minded senate & congress (:

Do not skip out on midterm elections. Do NOT skip out on midterms. DO NOT SKIP OUT ON MIDTERMS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD