Hey Bernie supporters, don’t give up yet!

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We still 28 states and territories to get through! And we have hardly covered the western states (only Nevada, which Hillary won by a hair) and the north, which tend to be more liberal!

Here’s the schedule for Democratic primaries and caucuses!

Tuesday, March 22
Arizona (primary)-85 delegates
Idaho (caucus)-27 delegates
Utah (primary)-37 delegates

Saturday, March 26
Alaska (caucus)-20 delegates
Hawaii (caucus)-34 delegates
Washington (primary)-118 delegates

Tuesday, April 5
Wisconsin (primary)-96 delegates

Saturday, April 9
Wyoming (caucus)-18 delegates

Tuesday, April 19
New York (primary)-291 delegates

Tuesday, April 26
Connecticut (primary)-70 delegates
Maryland (primary)-118 delegates
Pennsylvania (primary)-210 delegates
Rhode Island (primary)-33 delegates

Tuesday, May 3
Indiana (primary)-92 delegates

Saturday, May 7th
Guam (primary)-12 delegates

Tuesday, May 10
West Virginia (primary)-34 delegates

Tuesday, May 17
Kentucky (caucus)-63 delegates
Oregon (primary)-73 delegates

Saturday, June 4
Virgin Islands (caucus)-12 delegates

Sunday, June 5
Puerto Rico (caucus)-64 delegates

Tuesday, June 7
California (primary)-546 delegates
Montana (primary)-27 delegates
New Jersey (primary)-127 delegates
New Mexico (primary)-47 delegates
North Dakota (caucus)-23 delegates
South Dakota (primary)-25 delegates
District of Columbia-46 delegates

Make sure to REGISTER to vote ahead of time! CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU NEED TO REGISTER!

remember to check your affiliation, too! In PA you have to be a Democrat to vote for Bernie!