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Won 67 delegates March 22. Hillary only won 51.

Sanders won Utah and Idaho by a big ass range. I’m saying Hillary only got 5 delegates in both if those states and Sanders got 24 and 17.

We can do this man. If ya keep voting he can win this election. Just keep voting man.

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Two things here I wanted to comment. First, some people are saying Bernie can’t win anymore with Hillary’s lead. But most of her lead is super delegates who can switch at any point and usually do so according to the popular vote. Without those, Bernie is trailing with less than 300 delegates and more than 2200 up for grabs. So it’s definitely not over.

Second there’s a petition for the white house to look into voter fraud in arizona. Where tons of Bernie supporters were refused the right to vote based on their party affiliation being randomly changed. This really needs to be looked into.


Bernie Sanders just won Alaska AND Washington. We gotta keep voting man. We have to keep going. Keep the energy going.