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Yesterday this flowering was stressful, today it is a relief! Why? We over-wintered three varieties of Brassica oleracea (a species that includes cabbage, kale, collards, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc) at Roughwood, with intentions to move two of them before they flowered, because they need about a half-mile between them to avoid unwanted cross-pollination. But spring fever is coming on early this year! So yesterday we brought our Caulet de Flandre plants (for those of you with @seedkeeping calendars, see tomorrow) to our friend Josh’s garden at the Garrett Williamson Foundation just days before their flowers are to open. And on Wednesday next week we will bring our Turnip-Rooted Cabbages to #kutztownseedfarm proabably just days before THEY will open. These Green Glaze Collards are amazing and delicious and RARE and I’m relieved that they are going to flower amongst themselves. I’m sure they’d be interesting with bulging purple stems or tall with purple leaves, but that’s not what we are going for: we are preserving our separate rare historically-important varieties. #greenglazecollards #cauletdeflandre #turniprootedcabbage #brassicaoleracea #brassica #seedsaving #seedkeeping #cruciferous #isolationdistance #roughwoodseedcollection