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A single sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. That means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1,587.5TB.

Now that’s a lot of information to swallow

how do I delete other people’s posts

now i’m picturing this as a spray of the equivalent amount of data on floppy discs


3?, 3 1/2?,  5 1/4? or 8??

The image in my head was 3 1/2“ SSSD, the 360K ones.

…I think that’s SSDD. There wasn’t a SSSD 3.5" drive. (And very few SSDDs, for that matter – looking it up, SSDD lasted about a year before everybody went DSDD on the drives. Apple had a SSDD for a little while (400K) on the orignal Macs, and there were some PC makers shipping the 360K version you talk about above.


Let’s go with that. That’s 4409722222.22 360K 3.5" SSDD floppies. The width is 90mm (and defined as that, despite the name), by 3.3mm tall, allowing – for variation approximately – three floppies per centimetre to be stacked. That makes a stack 14,699,074.074m tall, by .09m wide, or a total of 1,322,916.67m2, or, assuming a single layer of floppies arranged vertically (stacked on end), a square area of roughly 1.150km per side (0.70 miles.)

Conveniently, since Seattle block numbers are indicators of distance 0.05 miles long, we can map this as 14 blocks square. To wit:

I couldn’t entirely remember, so I took a quick look on wikipedia and went with what sounded like what I remembered. The SSDD 400K ones were actually what I was thinking of.

Can I just take a moment to point out how much I love tumblr, you folks, and the internet in general? k :)