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little boy try to kiss girl

This is a learning moment for the both of them.

He’s learning that if he forcibly invades a woman’s space, no one will intervene. And therefore nothing is wrong with his actions. If anything people will videotape and giggle about how he’s such a flirt. He’ll be raised believing this is normal behavior.

She’s learning that no one will intervene when someone invades her physical space. The adults who are supposed to take care of her don’t care that she feels uncomfortable. The people who she’s supposed to trust to keep her safe are encouraging this invasion of her body. She’s learning that her feelings aren’t valid. This’ll be followed with “that just means he likes you”. She’ll be taught that invasion of her physical self is what’s expected of her and that this is genuine affection.

this isn’t even where socialization starts

this boy already feels entitled to her body and affection. so much so that literally being shoved to the floor multiple times and running away from him isn’t even a moment’s deterrent and clearly sets off no warning bells that maybe this is something he shouldn’t be doing

and she is learning in this moment that this is normal. that this is acceptable, because no one is stopping it and taking her away and protecting her. her telling him no and pushing him away from her mean nothing. telling men no is pointless and fighting against it is pointless, because they will not stop until they get what they want. even running away will not help.

they have had so much socialization already that their actions are literally mirroring that of society, of rapists and their victims.

notice how he also keeps thrusting his hips at her. you can see he has
the ability to lean forward without doing that, and the fact that he
does (and with intent, as you can clearly see in the 6th gif)

how much you wanna bet he learned that from watching an older family member? from someone out in public? from something on TV?

and the fact that not a single person is stepping in and telling him no is only reinforcing that when girls tell him no and shove him away, all he has to do is keep trying, and he’ll get what he wants.

this is how quickly socialization and misogyny ingrains irreparably in our minds.

Less critically thinking individuals might think that nothing is happening here, but child psychology has told us time and time again that this is the age when humans are learning a massive amount about human interaction.

So many are blind to it because it starts this early. It’s literally from day 1, you’re whole perspective. Men are particularly blind to it because they are benefited rather than subjugated.   

^ great point, child development 101 taught me that children are really sponges while they’re in early childhood/toddler stage. They learn from what they see.

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I find the hip thrust and arm positioning particularly disturbing. He’s pinning and keeping her in place with his body. This child sees someone in his life, someone important, do this on a regular basis.

Let that sink in. Somewhere there’s a man who uses his hips and arms to pin a woman to wall often enough that the toddler above has learned how to do it. In fact, he’s learned how to persist despite resistance.