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this isnt funny to me this is rly scary

they hear a name that rings familiarly “"middle eastern”“ enough and they have a completely comprehensively unfounded unjustified pavlovian reaction that happens to involve bombs and the military might of america. fuck..

And also does anyone else see the just as pavlovian counter reaction where liberals go Ha Ha Aren’t Republicans Stupid just as asinine? Like the fact that a large subsection of people immediately want to bomb some foreign country isn’t some hilarious joke it’s fucking terrifying and joking about this shit is probably not going to make it better

I have an issue with this. Yes, it’s scary. But from what I can see, Public Policy Poling did not provide an out that was “This is a made up country” as an option.

Also: “ We asked the same question of Democrats, and 36% of them opposed bombing Agrabah to 19% in support.”

So 19% of Dems are in favour of bombing a pretend country. And I’m wondering what the roughly 40-50% of people who answered neither yes, nor no, said.