little bad memory things :)

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  • not knowing if you said something out loud or if you only thought it
  • “did i already ask you that?”
  • “what did you say”
  • raising your hand and putting it down multiple times in class because you can’t remember your question/comment
  • pausing in the middle of simple tasks because you can’t remember what you’re doing
  • “where is my [object i had in my hands literally 30 seconds ago]?”
  • not knowing someone’s name even though it’s the 5th time you’ve met them
  • rereading/rewatching books/movies because you can’t remember basic plot details
  • forgetting to look at the list of things you need to remember
  • forgetting the end of your sentence before you even start it/trailing off

also trying to remember if something actually happened or it was just a dream

“where is my [object i had in my hands literally 30 seconds ago]?” is basically the reason my remodeling project took over two years. How do you lose a caulking gun, self? Or a giant freakin’ saw?

That is not your fault. Occasionally when you put things down they slip through the cracks between dimensions, appearing in alternate realities and startling other individuals. You know those moments when you’ve found something wildly out-of-place? That is someone else’s item, which just happens to look a lot like yours, and it’s fallen through those same dimensional cracks.

At some point, whatever it was that slipped through those cracks will get moved, and slip into another, possibly even it’s original dimension. Which is why you suddenly find you have 47 rolls of sellotape, when last week you couldn’t find any.