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the US minimum wage that we all agree is too low to live on ($15,080/yr) is far more than many legally disabled people receive in benefits

the maximum SSI for a single person is $8,796/yr
if a disabled person marries another, each drops to a max of $6,600/yr

while you’re fighting for 15 maybe look at that too

Not to mention we aren’t allowed to have more than $2,000 saved at a time. EVER. Like EVER or we lose all benefits completely. In the bank, in cash, it doesn’t matter. The government literally keeps us poor, while also making us pay immense amounts of money for health care that we require to even survive or function (let alone work enough to be able to get off of benefits, not to mention that there are a ton of people who will never be able to do that anyways). It’s a very, very broken system and not one that was ever meant to actually help anyone. 

Plus, “marriage equality” is still a huge problem for disabled people (as you can see), which is something almost everyone is ignorant to/doesn’t care about. 


Limits on savings and what you can earn as supplemental income without benefits disappearing are also a factor in why some non-profits can get away with paying disabled people pennies, too. The first limit needs to DISAPPEAR, the second needs to be raised, or pro-rated, or something.