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What about Bernie Sanders do you not like?







He’s just pretty trash overall, even if I might agree with him on some things. His entire campaign keeps people who WOULD be radicals from grassroots organizing by directing grassroots efforts to some shitty presidential election.

I don’t care if you vote for him, I don’t care if you think he’s the lesser of evils, he’s still a part of the same corrupt system, and when it comes down to it I think he will be the enemy of the people if we ever tried to implement an alternative system, such as one based around direct action and mutual aid rather than property and surplus value.


seaweedtheanarchist Hey there! Most of the claims you are making are false :) Especially about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He voted against both of those and he has always fought to give veterans social support after they come home from war. He’s been a huge proponent of Black Rights, Racial Justice, and LGBTQ rights for his entire life. I think many of the concerns you expressed are valid and important to discuss. But I don’t see a source for many of your claims.

Also, the reason he is running as a Democrat is because independent candidates never get enough support to make it past the primaries as explained here.

Not trying to convince you to vote for him (although I would love it if you did!), but I want to clear up misinformation. Let me know if there is anything you want to talk about.

I only clicked on the first link and found that OP’s description is completely wrong and does not coincide with the actual content of the article. But it is likely that you know a significant amount of tumblr users will glance at this post w/o their own research or even clicking the links and just accept it at face value (which is a damn shame).

I can’t and won’t take anything an anarchist has to say about politics seriously but I will surely do more of my own research on all candidates. Bernie thus far seems to be the lesser of all evils running to be president.

The Human Rights Campaign actually gave Bernie Sanders it’s highest possible rating, so your argument about him not supporting the trans community is invalid.

Sanders has ALWAYS been anti-war and plans to immediately withdraw our troops, if he is elected president. Please get your facts straight.

Ya’ll tried. Gold rhombus. 

Man, gotta love misleading sources…

  • First link, alleging that Sanders opposes open borders because he’s nationalist scum who thinks immigrants hurt American jobs. Actual content of the article, Sanders opposed a specific open borders policy that would exploit migrant workers.
  • Second link, alleging that Sanders voted to extradite Assata Shakur. This is true, but ignores the fact that the vote was an exercise in deception (it was slipped into the accelerated suspension calendar, which is supposed to be reserved for non-controversial bills like naming federal buildings), and many of the unanimous votes in favor of the bill realized after the expedited vote that they had been tricked into voting in favor.
  • Third link, alleging that Sanders supported Clinton’s bombing of Kosovo. Actual voting record shows that he voted in opposition (or rather, voted YES to disallowing military action).
  • Fourth link, alleging that Sanders supports Israeli genocide of Palestinians. As evidence, points to a non-binding resolution that would affirm that the US believes that Israel has a right to defend itself. The biggest legitimate criticism is that Sanders has failed to act in opposition to Israel’s actions against Palestine. Again, a legitimate concern, but very different from the allegation that he actively supports Israel’s actions.
  • Fifth link (sixth point, but the only other point with a link), alleging that Sanders voted to have food stamps cut. Actual vote in question is the 2014 farm bill, which Sanders begrudgingly voted on favor of, but only after the SNAP cuts were dropped from a $40 billion cut to a $8.6 billion cut. Also worth noting that the farm bill contained substantially more material than just SNAP cuts, and those other things were ultimately why Sanders voted in favor.
  • No other point is sourced, and others have provided sources proving them false.

Don’t want to support a politician? Fine, don’t support them. But I hope you’ll choose who you vote for based on legitimate things, not half-truths and whole lies.