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concept: Donald Trump is sacrificed to the gods. in return, they save the bees, the refugees, and trans kids from any and all harm. gun violence no longer exists. Democrats control congress again. all the shelter animals get a permanent home. the minimum wage is a living wage. my girlfriend and i rescue a cat for christmas. Bernie Sanders is president. 

You had me at “Donald Trump is sacrificed to the gods.”

Isn’t the point of a sacrifice that you get rid of something actually valuable, tho? Would the gods want him? Would we want to make an offering to gods who did?

Yes, the concerning thing with this is that by sacrificing Trump, you’re saying to the gods “here, this is what we think you’d like”. I just imaging that bringing endless wrath. I mean, I’d bring the wrath if someone turned up a party we were having and was like “Oh hey, this is my +1, Donald Trump….”