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Read the Open Letter to the CEO of Yelp thing. Also, the reactions to it.

It’s hilarious to me, how this now works.

“You should’ve expected to be fired for this.” Yeah. She did. But after months of starving herself and recognizing she will never claw her way out of this hole, she at least wants to say something. Of course, low wage employees should be silent and grateful for their gruel, right? How dare they talk back or have emotions.

“You complained about the snacks!” Complained? No, she said that the snacks provided at work are literally her only meal, the only food she can afford outside a bowl of rice every day. The only way to interpret what she said as “complaining about the snacks,” is in the context of “I am complaining that all I can afford to eat are snacks and am slowly starving.”

“What did you expect, living in an expensive area like the Bay Area?”

Counter question: Why is this never asked to the employers? So lets actually humor these chucklefucks and say that Yelp, one of the most well known and used websites, literally cannot afford to pay their employees a living wage… because its the Bay Area.

Why are they located there, then? Why are they not located in a more reasonable location that frees them up to pay a living wage? They’re the ones who picked that location and you want to tell me they have zero responsibility in this? No sale.

I mean, sure, if they moved to a less fancy area, they’d have to give up some local conveniences and networking opportunities and some of their favorite eateries, but hey, you have to make sacrifices when your new to the working world. That’s what it takes to “live within your means,” right?

“More whiny, entitled Millennials.”

Uh huh. The world will be a marginally better place when people who sneer at “millennials” finally fucking die.

Power to Talia Jane, and fuck Yelp.

Reblogging this since I have actually seen this fucking argument on my dash this morning.