I know they don’t care

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But to the asshole crackers who cracked my blog: I have to wonder, what was the point? Well woot, you’ve managed to crack the site of a 37 year old woman who’s sometimes a bit sketchy about updates and who, 15 years ago, was pretty good in tech.

Wow, what a super-stellar achievement. Next up, taking candy from a baby.

Yeah, I use reasonably decent passwords, but let’s be fair, my main technical defence against cracking was ‘running updates pretty frequently’. So you googled ‘malware’ and ‘wordpress’ and managed to run the script it said. My amazement at your technical prowess is phenomenal.

And what have you achieved? Well, you’ve taken a site which has maybe double digit unique visitors…over a year… and maybe, possibly, infected one of their computers. Probably not though, because most of my visitors are sensible enough to run virus scanners and such.

Again, amazing.

So potentially pain in the ass for them, and definitely a pain in the arse for me, because I’ve just wasted 2 days trying to clear up the mess you’ve made, and now I get to see if I can salvage the journal entries that went back over a decade. 

So thanks.