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8) haha cool somebody pledged $100 on patreon, stayed that way for a week or so including a vip livestream, then edited their pledge down to $7. I even wrote them a big long thank you message and shit. In other words just kidding about that milestone!!

fucking robbery lmfao

Wait, did you get the money though?
I don’t understand patreon

No I did not get that money, patreon only charges you at the beginning of each month, yet you get access to the patreon page the MOMENT you pledge. so lots of people use this loophole to pop in, enjoy some perks, then ollie out before they can get charged. It’s literally straight up scamming.

A common work around that I’ve been seeing (and it has been hella useful) has been the timed restriction of patrons. Many artists will not post the month’s content until after the 2nd, that way patrons are absolutely charged before they get the content. (So March content wouldn’t be available until April, for example). This allows you to work on a pay in advance system, and also gives you a month’s time to prepare all the content instead of doing it month of.

Another format I’ve seen is timed links. When the month has been charged, the artist posts up a timed link available only to patrons who have already been charged that expires in 15-30 days. Afterwards, the link is no longer functional. In order to get content older than when you started, you’re required to pay the pledge amount for those months. That way you’ll only receive the newest month (and only after you’ve paid).

Thirdly, it’s relatively easy to shoot Patreon a message with the email and information of the users who are actively abusing the system. They can and will ban the person from being able to pledge period in the future. I’ve even seen one case where someone’s ‘owed’ pledges were forcibly charged as they did in fact agree to the terms and conditions of pledging.

thanks for the advice. Im definitely going to have to change how I do things on patreon to prevent further theft. pretty disappointing that creators have to go to these lengths just to keep from getting scammed in the first place :(

Leaving this here for reference, it’s awful that people do this shit. It’s making me quite reluctant to get one in the future :(

Duely noted, if I start a Paetron I’ll make sure to only dole out the prizes the following month.

And to anyone pledging who thinks they can use the excuse of ‘I paid what I thought the content i saw was worth in the end’.

No. Fuck you. You’re a piece of shit. Don’t you dare do that EVER.

for any one using patreon

@trackalaka since you’re makin’ the move