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I’m upset, because a friend posted this article about companies that send people potatoes, and it turned out to be about gag-gift potato messages. I thought it was going to be some sort of potato-of-the-month club.

I wanted to sign @tinierpurplefishes up for it.

A potato of the month club would be *amazing*. There are thousands of varieties of potato, and we in the ‘west’ eat about 8. So sad.

Yup! There’s usually only four or five varieties in the grocery store, if that. I’ve had a few others when mom’s grown ‘em (She’s particularly fond of ‘la ratte’: “It’s called ‘la ratte’! It’s French for ‘the rat’! ‘Cause they look like rats!” /mom). I would totally be up for fancy landrace potato comparisons.

…of course, if I had more disposable income I’d have no trouble disposing of it on cheese and wine and charcuterie and and and and.


Noms are the best bit of every day :)