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Today has been stressful. Not in the sense of I had to do anything super stressful, but just in the sense of we had the mortgage valuation survey, the actual survey-survey (*house inspection) and the prospective purchasers popped around for another visit. This meant our house had to be back up to show-standard, which wasn’t that far off where we were…

…but did mean that both Kathryn and I were super stressful; and despite the fact that we’re both fairly certain there’s nothing hideously wrong with the house, I always imagine the surveyor coming in and going “Oh DEAR. You’ve got dry-rot and wet-rot and this whole wall is about an inch from exploding, and how long have you had that infestation of kangaroos? You’ll need to get that dealt with”.

Or something like that.

Actually, though, the surveyor said that he couldn’t really find anything much of concern. The front wall, adjoining the neighbours house, is apparently very slightly damper than would be ideal, but it’s not affected the paint and despite the fact we’ve had that area almost completely blocked off with records most of the time here, they’ve shown no signs of damp, and nor has it got even the faintest sign of mould. So it’s pretty marginal. He commented on very little else… so I think our house should get the clean bill of health it deserves.

I believe the mortgage valuation should be okay.

And it turned out the sellers wanted to ask about what furniture they could buy with the sale, and were wanting to check about various modifications they’d like to make (downstairs toilet, for example) and wanted to ask the surveyor about how much of a problem that’d be…

What I also found out is that for [reasons], the buyer’s solicitors don’t seem to have passed them any of the information we’ve sent. I don’t quite know why that is. I’m going to ring my solicitors and chase them.

So, all in all, it wasn’t actually stressful at the time, but it woke me at 2am, which seems to be the new go-to time for insomnia for me…


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