Rapid, we hope.

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So, my friends who are moving to the US this coming week went from a standing start to packing their stuff into a container today, in 3 weeks flat. Although they have been living in, rather than renovating, their house, which makes that side a little easier. However, in contrast, and meaning they definitely win the difficulty challenge, they’ve got 2 kids and 2 dogs. And one of them (the adults, not the kids, nor the dogs) works from home.

In contrast, our 8-9 week moving schedule seems positively lackadaisical. Here we are swanning about our house touching up paint here, filling render there, and they’ve manically packed and are moving now. It doesn’t really feel that way.

I feel the pressure mounting, day on day, not helped by my rota which consists entirely of endless night shifts. We also need to visit my mum properly and have promised to go down and help her take down her exhibition:


[All proceeds from the art sale to the Red Cross Nepal Appeal, let me know if you want to see price list or photos]

We went down for a couple of hours yesterday – and then discovered she’s been invited to keep the exhibition up an extra week – and become the artist in residence for a month – pretty damn cool :)
Anyhow, so that’s next weekend gone.

At some point, after the house is on the market, it’d be really rather nice to see my sister and her kids too.

Between all these competing time-sucks the whole thing feels damn tight.

Jobs we still need to do:
– Paint the entryway
– Paint the back wall (just touching it up, but there’s a lot of touching up)
– Remove the doors and get them dipped-and-stripped

(Bye bye last hardboard-covering-panel…



– Touch up some paint in the kitchen
– Finish the deck and the garden path
– Weed the garden and chuck down 100s of litres of bark chip
– Paint the bathroom doorframe

And I think that’s it…

I am beginning to think we might just miss our deadline, but we’ll see. It doesn’t help that I’m on a night shift in the middle of this week which takes out two entire days for one frigging shift. And on nights all this weekend. But what can y’do.

Also, what doesn’t help is waiting patiently for the visa interview appointment. I know, I know, it’s only just over a week and a half since the doctors said ‘okay’, but I want to know godsdamnit, so we can at least plan/schedule one-damn-thing.

Also, slightly anxiety inducing is that I have to take a driver’s test within a month of getting to the US because Washington state only honours my UK driver’s licence for one month after we get there. Gah.


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