Productive, even with the extra work.

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So, I managed to make some extra work for myself. After living with our lovely counters for about 4 and a half years, I put down the – I thought clean and dry – blender top and then discovered it wasn’t. It’d left two water stains on the counters.

Cue attempting to remove them with an iron (fail), then giving in, and breaking out the sandpaper and the oil:


It’s looking optimistic:


Then I grouted the tiles I laid, rather rapidly, yesterday. They’re not beautifully cut, nor particularly level with the ones I laid before, but hell, it’s a laundry room.


Not to my usual standard, but acceptable, if you ask me.

Then I finished the caulking in the spare bedroom / library / my office.

Then I tackled the two missing bits of render. One is where we had the old boiler removed, the other just fell off… quite a long time ago:




Yes, I know it looks like it’s slumped and going to fall off, it’s not. It’s just I couldn’t get it flatter and was terrified, because I’d had such a mare of a time getting it to stick in the first place, that if I fiddled with it any more I’d loose it. Still, it’s better than it was. I think. Ish. Just need to wait for it to dry and then I can throw paint at it.

Can I just remind everyone that I loathe and despise rendering and mortar related jobs. Especially when they’re above your head and the render drops into your bra. Or your mouth. ‘s horrid.

Finally I broke out the sander and DA’d the porch.


So that’s now ready for a wipe down and then a coat of white.

We are winning, I think.

Final task for the day – ran to Gloucester road with the books we cleared out / other stuff for the charity shop – and donated it all. Then picked up some boxes that were going free, and headed home to put out the laundry. Now? Now I’m done.


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