Scheduling complexity

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So, we’ve got quotes in for plumbing and electrics which are affordable, and we’re waiting for the builder’s quotes. I’m now stuck trying to work out the scheduling in my head. We kind of want the electrician in first, but obviously that has the slight problem that there’s a wall where there shouldn’t be, no wall were there should be, and a sink where there should be plugs, possibly. Although perhaps we should keep the sink there? But then that’s a pain in terms of the rest of the organisation – we need to plan out the kitchen a bit more which is made harder by having no clue what we are going to do with it.

As my brain tries to work out whether the best plan is to unleash the electrician, then the builder and finally the plumber (which seems more or less the best order, with just the bathroom and the back bedroom presenting ‘difficulties’ – it also tries to work out layouts for the kitchen that make sense and utilise the things we’d like to use, in terms of sort-of-units (Edwardian shop counter*, anyone?). At any rate, I’m now going to shut the computer and go and work on my degree for a bit, and then, once that’s done, I may let my brain have free reign again.

* Kathryn found this yesterday and it’s awesome, and would make a great kitchen ‘unit’. It’s arranging our somewhat difficult space to make a sensible kitchen that’s causing problems.


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