Important Health Announcement

It doesn’t matter *how* many times you’ve washed your hands after cutting the chillies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full 6 hours since you cut the chillies up.

Don’t try to remove contact lenses yourself. You will be in agony.

So ends today’s public health announcement

Oh that’s sooooo cool!

Okay, I didn’t know it did this, but the journaling software magically linked Fowl Play at Midnite to Paycheck when I linked the other way. I’m so impressed, that’s very very cool :-)


‘s a film my housemate got; one I’d neither desparate urge to watch nor avoid. But given my current indisposed state I thought “hey, there’s Paycheck, I’ve not seen that yet”.

It turns out that it’s actually a fairly formulaic futuristic thriller; but a good example of the genre. Man does something, memory erased, runs round a lot, gets shot at a lot, some nice action sequences, some nice Uma Thurman shots (how did that get in there? ooops) and some nice set-pieces.

Having watched The Bourne Identity (yes, I do mean Identity) recently I found some of the fight sequences in Paycheck a bit…. lacking.

It didn’t stun me with being fantastic (and since I watched it almost directly after Fowl Play At Midnite it probably should have left me going “wow”. Of course, watching a widescreen film on a cruddy little 4:3 telly probably didn’t help. But some bits of the film left me a bit cold. Was the sort of film I wouldn’t mind pausing to go to the loo, as opposed to the sort of film I sit there dying to go, but desparate to watch the film more!

So, yeah, competent but not wildly brilliant :-)

Fowl Play at Midnite

I don’t really know where to go with this film; it’s an amateur film made by; and I think I’m safe in saying this; a group of nutcases. Centring around the intrepid reporter ‘Bob Frizzel’, and uh, chickens.

I really can’t truely describe it. Words fail me. It’s terrible in a way that somehow tempts and taunts you into watching the rest of it. The acting is fairly appauling, the script is, uh, unpolished, and the camera work…. well…. the less said.

But it’s also enormous fun, for a few hours this gang of nutcases let you into their strange warped minds, filled with motorbikes, transvestites, and most importantly chickens. An awful lot of chickens.

I can’t say whether I recommend watching it; it’s certainly, um, something. Something special and different, and largely insane. It must be said I was biased by the prominent billing given to an MZ motorcycle; which it turns out isn’t in it quite as much as I hoped!

Anyway, go here if you want a copy; be warned though, neither of the DVDs I got would play on the DVD player; and in the end I ripped it to harddisk to watch on my PC as the drive seemed to be struggling somewhat.

Don’t eat the curry!

I wish someone’d said that last night. Stomach cramps all day, more than is reasonable visits to the littlest room, and now I really don’t feel like eating any dinner. Point of fact, at this very moment, I feel like running to the bathroom and hurling up my entire gastro-intestinal tract.

A trifle unwell.

I’ve actually done fuck-all apart from watching Films; there should be some reviews up in a bit. I also slapped two rather rapid coats of paint on my dash / associated components. All should be set for me learning to spray, uh, soon. Mebby tomorrow, if I feel enthusiastic.

Parts list

So, with my dashboard nearing the stage where I can spray it ready for fitting, I’ve ordered the heated rear window kit (and a locking fuel cap for reasons I’m unlikely to go into here).

I’m getting quite excited. Just wish it’d stop raining!

The problem with compressors

….is that they open up a whole *new* section of tool shops to look at and go “oooh, that’s cool”.

My, an air impact wrench, I just need one of them…

…and a sand blaster; how handy.


Got a doojit, a thing for my dashboard. Stay tuned for more info.