Wild Ride


Today was without doubt one of the weirdest days of my life; also one of the most fun; and one of the most tiring. I’m still rather wary of saying too much; although I think I’m probably saying waaaay to little and being incredibly cryptic. So, anyway, if you know me but don’t know what I’m on about then just give me a shout; I can talk forever about what I spent today doing! Although I am shattered.

Mind you the Bed at 23:30, waking up at 3am, staying up ’til 5am, sleep ’till 6:30am, up at 7am…. probably doesn’t help with that. I’m kinda freaked by how far we’ve got, Nikki and I; and how much further we have left to go.

In other; semi-related; news I found a really gorgeous 1930’s deskfan today; it’s going to take a pile of work to make it function; with a shattered bearing, nearly seized motor, a burned out/badly contaminated resistor/controller, damaged grille and dangerous wiring it’s a lot of work waiting to be done. The grille and wiring are the only really easy bit.

But it still looks the part. Needs a bit of a polish!

Uh, and Ladomat: Wir is still a fabulous album to chill out and calm down to; lava lamp, candles and mexican food….

It’s good to talk

So, I spent an hour and a bit with my councellor today. I feel so much better; apparently it is just ‘good to talk’. Got another appointment next week. I’m slightly disappointed that it’s only a 6 week thing, I feel like I could do with this kind of freedom to talk about anything for the whole of my life!


So that rocked.

And I got some history for Rebecca, one of her past owners e-mailed me with a bit of her history. She was owned by a spinster in the past; how appropriate is that? Apparently, when I got her the 60,000 miles might actually have been about accurate! It’s so nice to have a bit of history behind my car. She’s got some history; she’s not just my random blue minor now. She’s got a past, a present and a future :-)

My real japanese name, apparently….

My japanese name is 中村 Nakamura (center of the village) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

My printer is dying, I think. Either that or the cartridge in it isn’t very good. I can’t tell. Magenta certainly doesn’t seem to want to work – I discovered that just before needing to print an important document last Thursday. Black seems to intermittently work. The urge to beat it with sticks is quite strong. Especially knowing that I can probably pick up it’s replacement for about 15 quid.

It’s a bit of a sad little object really. Ah well. Time for bed.

Some of you know this already….

…..so keep it to yourselves.

Please don’t say (to anyone or mention on here) what Nikki and I have mentioned, if you know what we’re on about. Suffice to say that the people we went to see have some interest, perhaps more despite what we took; which didn’t really show what we’re capable of. I think…!

Anyway, it’s incredibly cool; and whatever happens from here on in, to have come this far rocks.

I’m slightly saddened this evening that I don’t really have anyone to share it with; the person I’d dearly love to share it with….. well, let’s not go down that path. And my parents are away. I will tell my sister though, come sunday :-)

Of course, there’s more work ahead; much more; planning and discussions; and yeah, let’s see where this path takes me.

Why is it?

That things never fit through the letter box; and that I have to drive the wrong way at 7am to go and get the bloody package because they can’t attempt a delivery the next day. Grr.

Damnit, someone moved the goalposts


I’ve really been looking forward to this counselling session; a chance to just talk about my dad, and kids, and all the big stuff that I normally don’t really discuss.

It’s been cancelled – the guy I’m meant to see is off sick. Not his fault, but it’s just…. well. It’s left me feeling kind of lost. I was all geared up and ready to talk about stuff, and now… Now it’s all got to go back away quietly.

On top of which I am phenominally tired still and my printer’s refilled cartridge remains as dead as a big black cube of dead plastic. I guess leaving the damn thing sat around for a year before refilling was a less than brilliant plan. So I’ve had to order a “new” one, I’ll save up the refills though!

And then there’s this which makes a depressingly scary read.

Night of a thousand colours

I’m so tired.

I came home with the intention of working, but I’ve got so little done. I have at least got a replacement contact lens so I can change my lenses for fresh ones the day after tomorrow (when I’m meant to) – the contact lens place having been shut on Sunday when I finally got around to taking the other faulty one back.

I also, at the weekend, picked up (for free!) a printer cartridge refill kit. This means that, if it works, for the first time in a year I’ll actually have a colour cartridge back.

There is one slight problem. My cartridge does not wish to allow any ink *out* and the frigging Linux driver doesn’t appear to have any method of forcing the printer to do a clean-cycle. So the cartridge is currently sat in a bowl of “cartridge flush” in a desparate attempt to make it allow the ink I just put in come back out….

I see thy glory like a shooting star fall to the base earth from the firmament

For around 30 years people have discussed the fate of West Pier in Brighton. Promises have been made, funky signs proclaiming “this is what we’re going to do” have gone up, and nothing has ever been achieved.

Every time I went to brighton I’d go and see this fabulous structure; one which I remember as whole in my childhood. And at each visit I would be pained to see what had been allowed to happen to it. I knew that it had been severely damaged by fire; but I’d not seen the extent of the destruction.

This photo, another shot from urbex really shocked me. Up on my wall is a photo I took two years ago of a structure that could have been saved. A structure remarkably intact.

But now what remains is a mass of rusting, twisted metal.

Destruction and Melancholy

I was looking, more, at this urbex site; jealous, slightly, because of what he’s had the chance to see. Well, okay, made the chance to see. Some quite stunning buildings in a state of terminal decline. For the most part it’s vaguely melancholy, with some things being quite ‘uncomfortable’ (looking at the ‘care’ of mentally unwell individuals from a victorian perspective is something quite terrifying); but viewing the ‘tour’ of Beedingwood House left me angry.

How can we let something as fantastic as that get into the state it’s in, a condition where it’s probably unsalvagable. Such a beautiful piece of architecture destined to be destroyed by vandalism and inattention. I’m shocked at how distressing it is, to see something so beautiful destroyed.

But then I’ve always had a thing for beautiful architecture.

Odd how the world is….

Sometimes my life is sane and normal. Y’know. Student, broke, that kind of normal thing. At the moment it’s not; so um, I’m on a bit of a high at the moment (despite being completely broke, to a really quite terrifying level…); and yeah, so, stuff.

I’m on such a high. Incidentally, from the recent Coverville, the Save Ferris version of Come On Eileen is another rocking piece of music. Yes.

Apparently the problematic individual is, in fact, trespassing. He didn’t have permission, so if he does it again, I’ll call the police. And I intend to move. Let him think he won. I need a life I can relax in. Yeah. And so that’s cool. Don’t forget to download the What Came First… video. Over 200 downloads so far; although ideally, download it from the mirror at a minor journey, because my bandwidth limit is approaching with suprising rapidity. Once I thought 5Gb/Month was *huge*!