[Abandoned Court]

Here’s some quick’n’dirty shots of the old Court in Bristol.

It’s actually opposite the new one, and I did get asked by security what I was up to; and apart from being a bit confused about why I’d want pictures of old buildings (I think they think I’m a very strange girl) they seemed happy enough for me to carry on; however I don’t think I’ll be trying for any interior shots, what with it being attached to the police station (which they seem to be in the process of closing) and, as I say, opposite an active court!

Bristol Old Court

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[Abandoned Estate]

So, ages ago I posted a couple of ‘teaser’ shots from the estate with concrete cancer that’s being demolished. Well, I think I did. I can’t actually find them right now, which is disconcerting. Since I can’t and it only adds 2 pictures, I’ll repost them too… [Click images for large versions]

Kate's Gate Fetish Pages

Anyway, this estate is being demolished because it’s got concrete cancer and here are some very poor quality photos (see end for explanation) Continue reading “[Abandoned Estate]”

Abandoned – House in Oxfordshire

Interior and exterior shots of a little bit of urbexing, or more accurately, rur-exing considering it’s location. I spotted it while driving past and decided to have a little look around – especially given the big gap in the fence (which, given the rate the Landrover crossed the field in my direction as I swiftly departed, I suspect may now have been fixed).

Abandoned House

Oddly though, it’s been completely cleared of debris, there’s none of the roof inside the building, so it may be that it’s going to be rebuilt.

Click the image(s) for larger versions.

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I’m not quite sure if this counts as abandoned, a lot of the scrapyards (breakers / junk yards) near me have had to close (environmental legistlation regarding oil pollution… (mutters darkly about politics)) but this isn’t actually one of them. This is one that appears to have grown as a result of the others closing, but it means that running near the back of the yard is the pile-of-dead-car parts that used to signify the end of the scrapyard.

This probably 5 foot high bank of junk has slowly gathered the dirt and muck from the rest of the yard as new cars have been piled precariously on top. And the bank itself is being taken over by vegitation. I took a couple of shots (I only took my digi-cam to take some video of me getting the parts for my car) of the bank, but this one’s come out the best….

Disk Brake in Undergrowth


I’ve always had a facination with abandonded places, thought it was a bit odd to be honest, no one else seemed to be quite as enthralled as me with peeling paintwork, rusting struts and dark, dank places…

But this place is none of those things. This abandoned (copper, I think, either copper or tin) mine in Coniston (in the Lake district (UK)) was last operational around the 1930s and since then it’s remoteness and the the climate there have enabled it to gently collapse without too much help from passing people. The mine workings cover the mountain, there are little openings, some of which end where they’ve collapsed, and some of which wend their way into the moutain; albeit with sudden, gaping maws into which unwary explorers fall.

This section of the mine workings has clearly been stripped of the copper from the motors/generators, and has then been left to nature’s destructive power. There will, probably, be more to follow. I’ve not developed the film shots from our time there, these are just the digital shots….

Coniston Copper Mines
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