Interstella 5555 (The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem)

So, when I was living with Ais she introduced me to the Daft Punk album Discovery (I did like Daft Punk already, but didn’t have the album); and she told me that there was a film (being) made which featured the same blue people as in the videos…

….I bought that film, and it is really just that; it’s an extended hour and a bit music video featuring the blue people from the videos for “one more time”, and it works incredibly well. There’s no speech, to speak of, in the film, and it’s phenominal how well the album tells the story. It’s sort of remeniscent of Ulysees 31 (for those who remember such things) in style. I can’t really think of anything really intelligent to write about it; but hey, if you like Daft Punk and liked the blue-people videos for their songs then you’ll probably like Interstella 5555. Also, it was only a tenner from Fopp on DVD.


‘s a film my housemate got; one I’d neither desparate urge to watch nor avoid. But given my current indisposed state I thought “hey, there’s Paycheck, I’ve not seen that yet”.

It turns out that it’s actually a fairly formulaic futuristic thriller; but a good example of the genre. Man does something, memory erased, runs round a lot, gets shot at a lot, some nice action sequences, some nice Uma Thurman shots (how did that get in there? ooops) and some nice set-pieces.

Having watched The Bourne Identity (yes, I do mean Identity) recently I found some of the fight sequences in Paycheck a bit…. lacking.

It didn’t stun me with being fantastic (and since I watched it almost directly after Fowl Play At Midnite it probably should have left me going “wow”. Of course, watching a widescreen film on a cruddy little 4:3 telly probably didn’t help. But some bits of the film left me a bit cold. Was the sort of film I wouldn’t mind pausing to go to the loo, as opposed to the sort of film I sit there dying to go, but desparate to watch the film more!

So, yeah, competent but not wildly brilliant :-)

Fowl Play at Midnite

I don’t really know where to go with this film; it’s an amateur film made by; and I think I’m safe in saying this; a group of nutcases. Centring around the intrepid reporter ‘Bob Frizzel’, and uh, chickens.

I really can’t truely describe it. Words fail me. It’s terrible in a way that somehow tempts and taunts you into watching the rest of it. The acting is fairly appauling, the script is, uh, unpolished, and the camera work…. well…. the less said.

But it’s also enormous fun, for a few hours this gang of nutcases let you into their strange warped minds, filled with motorbikes, transvestites, and most importantly chickens. An awful lot of chickens.

I can’t say whether I recommend watching it; it’s certainly, um, something. Something special and different, and largely insane. It must be said I was biased by the prominent billing given to an MZ motorcycle; which it turns out isn’t in it quite as much as I hoped!

Anyway, go here if you want a copy; be warned though, neither of the DVDs I got would play on the DVD player; and in the end I ripped it to harddisk to watch on my PC as the drive seemed to be struggling somewhat.

The Snapper

The Snapper is the second film in Roddy Doyle’s ‘Barrytown Trilogy’ (The Commitments, The Snapper, The Van) and it’s a bit of a slow starter. Described as hilarious, and I guess if you found East is East ‘Hilarious’ then maybe that’s the way you’d see this; but I found that, like East is East, The Snapper is generally pretty amusing, with some really really funny bits and a lot of very dark humour.

With The Snapper you really have to stick with the film; it’s a very slow starter and not very rewarding to watch initially. Indeed, for a good chunk of the film I was seriously thinking ‘have I bought a lemon here’, but it suddenly picks up and really, it is worth it. One slightly disappointing thing is that the camera work is hardly awe-inspiring (it’s really quite pedestrian in style, mind you it’s over 10 years old).

I’m not wildly amazed by it, but for the sake of completeness to the trilogy it’s definately worth a watch, and if you liked East is East, The Commitments and The Van then you’ll probably like The Snapper.