When children bully other children, they often use the words and images given to them by television; they learned to single out a class of person and they learned the words to use against those people from their favourite shows.

When TV shows aimed at children single out a particular class of person as the butt of a joke–for example, the man-in-a-dress sight gag beloved of cartoons since cartooning began–they are handing weapons to bullies.

These shows are complicit in bullying and abuse.

And what we also have to remember too is that this isn’t just a murder of nine people. This was the assassination of a US elected official. And so we need to use real language.

Christina Greer on The Nightly Show, spilling all the tea about why we have no choice but to call this domestic terrorism. She went further in pairing it up to the actual legal definition.

Please never forget that Reverend Clementa Pinckney was a South Carolina State Senator, and has served in public office since the age of 23. The media is already working overtime to humanize the terrorist over the many victims of his heinous acts. Even the articles about Rev Pinckney seem to only mention his elected position as a footnote. He was a staunch political activist. Also, remember that the terrorist drove over hours from his home specifically to Emaneul AME. 

(via thepolicyfactory)